Just because your child's baby teeth are eventually replaced by adult teeth does not mean that taking your child to a family dentist in Greenbelt isn't important. After all, your child's baby teeth hold the place for their adult teeth, and the brushing habits they develop Childearly in life set the stage for the oral health habits they will continue throughout their lives.

Therefore if your child shows signs that they may be having tooth trouble, you will want to bring them in to SKP Family Dental right away. Here are four signs to watch out for.

1. Your Child Frequently Mispronounces Words

While all young children do mispronounce some words, if your child continues to mispronounce his words past the time when he should be speaking them correctly, a tooth issue may be to blame. Bring him in to SKP Family Dental for an x-ray so we can rule out this option right away.

2. Your Child Winces When Eating Cold Foods

Wincing when eating cold foods is a sign that your child's enamel is wearing away. This can be caused by brushing too hard with a stiff toothbrush or by eating too many sugary foods. If you notice your child wincing, bring her in to SKP Family Dental to make sure she doesn't have a cavity forming.

3. Your Child's Teeth Appear Crooked or Discolored

Of course, if your child's teeth are crooked or discolored, this is a clear sign that a trip to a Greenbelt family dentist is in order. The sooner the cause is determined, the sooner it can be fixed and the easier the process is likely to be.

4. Your Child Loses a Tooth Early

Whether your child has a tooth fall out because of decay or due to a trauma, if the tooth falls out way ahead of schedule, a visit to your Greenbelt family dentist is always in order. Your child's dentist will want to determine the cause, and your child may need a spacer to keep the space open for his adult teeth to grow in correctly.

Identifying and treating tooth problems in children can be more difficult than identifying and treating them in adults, especially if the children aren't yet speaking well. Yet, proper dental care is every bit as important for children as it is for adults. If you notice your children exhibiting any of these four signs that they may need dental care, don't procrastinate. Call SKP Family Dental, the family dentist Greenbelt residents trust, to get the answers and care you need today.



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