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March 19, 2015
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Your Greenbelt, MD family dentist is happy to offer Invisalign Teen to improve youthful smiles.

What is Invisalign?

You’ve probably heard about Invisalign from commercials or magazines already; however, you may not really know what they are and what makes them special. Unlike other braces that might boast tooth-colored brackets and other more subtle ways to straighten teeth, Invisalign promises a practically invisible set of clear aligners that go over the lower and upper teeth to shift teeth into a more ideal position.

Is Invisalign right for my child?

When Invisalign was first created it was meant for adults to be able to still get the straighter smile that they've always wanted without having to go the route of traditional metal brackets and wires. However, once these invisible braces were on the market, teens also took an interest. After all, being able to wear nearly invisible braces in high school does have its benefits. Furthermore, with social media being such a prevalent part of our world today, teens want to be able to feel confident without worrying about metal braces. This is why Invisalign Teen was created.

Since these trays are removable, it’s important to know whether your child is the type who will actually wear their aligners or remove them often. Invisalign Teen trays need to be worn for about 20 to 22 hours out of the day to be effective. If your child isn't the type who would wear these trays for most of the day, then perhaps this might not be the right orthodontic option for your teen.

Who are ideal candidates for Invisalign?

In the past, Invisalign was only considered useful for those with minor dental issues; however, Invisalign can do just about anything, from more subtle changes to more serious alterations. Invisalign is a great option for someone with mild to severe crookedness, spaces between teeth, crowding and malocclusions (e.g. crossbite; open bite).

However, the best way to find out whether Invisalign is right for your child is to schedule a consultation with your Greenbelt, MD family dentist, Dr. Paulos F. Dalu at SKP Family Dental. Contact us today!


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